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Unique horse riding experience in the nature of the Melnica & Pliš hills.

Ranch Vixian was born out of love for horses and nature. These noble animals will take you to the most beautiful hidden parts of the Melnica and Pliš hills, the still unexplored natural landscape of the Slunj & Rastoke destination. In its western style, located under the hill of Melnica, right next to untouched nature, yet close enough to the town of Slunj & Rastoke, it only takes 5 minutes to drive to visit the Vixian ranch. Therefore, if you happen to be near Rastoke waterfall village or on your way to Plitvice lakes National Park, fill your time with an active vacation and discover a completely new experience that you will remember forever.

Discover the freedom. A place where rider and horse become one.


Get to know our herd, blend in with horses and nature and discover the freedom of riding. Learn the basics with us or improve your riding experience with our expert guides, who you will find appropriately dressed as cowboys. Tours are intended for beginners and ideal for all those who want to learn more about horses themselves, their feeding and grooming, and types of riding. It is possible to experience all this through an adventure in untouched nature. For the little ones, we have put together special interactive programs adapted for children and their first contact with horses.

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