Horse riding


Our herd currently consists of seven horses, Daisy, Rocky, Eon, Torro, Tessie and our little baby colts Dorado and Bill. All horses are extremely calm, gentle and well ridden in the American, western riding style. They are suitable for all beginners and safe for riding. We are sure that our ranch is a place where these inspiring creatures will become your best friends!

1 hour beginner experience


Making riding accessible to all

We’ll teach you how to ride and improve your riding!

If you are a beginner, an hour’s walk with horses is the ideal first step towards getting to know this type of active vacation. We will introduce you to all the necessary equipment and to the basics of riding as well as the rules of behavior around horses. After mastering the basics, we will assign a horse that will suit you best, and the adventure can begin! Horseback riding awaits you in untouched nature in the immediate vicinity of the ranch, accompanied by an expert guide. On the way to the hills of Melnica or Pliš, you will experience wonderful adventure and beauty of riding through the forest, beautiful meadows and paths, while relaxing in the fresh air and the sound of nature.


1 hour – €30.00 per person (adult)

Payment method: cash

For children – on request

2 hour riding experience


Saddle up! Start riding!

The tour is suitable for beginners who want to go on longer trail riding, but also for more experienced people who want to get to know our destination and experience horseback riding in nature.

The more experienced can try trotting, but also dare to ride in a gallop if they are experienced enough, of course accompanied by a guide. The ideal tour for this kind of riding option is going to Pliš hill, which is very spacious and ideal for galloping. For trotting and galloping, there are also great trails on Melnica in a beautiful forest. Both hills, which are relatively close, are also great viewpoints from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire town of Slunj. The guide will decide, after a short introduction, which route would be ideal for you.


2 hours – €60.00 per person (adult)

Payment method: cash

For children – on request

Horse riding for children


Active rest for the whole family!

An opportunity for your little ones to meet and learn something more about horses!

The program includes horseback riding accompanied by a guide who leads the horse at all times and is close to the child, which ensures maximum safety for your little one. Children will experience these noble animals in a fun way, it is possible to take pictures with the horses and, of course, pet them.


20 minutes – €15.00 per child

Payment method: cash


Important information before booking!
  • The reservation must be made in advance via email, whatsapp or phone call.
  • Horse riding takes place only in stable weather conditions – in case of wind, rain, mud and snow, the organizer has the right to cancel the reservation for safety reasons.
  • It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes before the agreed time.
  • Maximum group size is 4 people. If you have more people in the group, we can arrange riding in several tours and adjust them according to your time.
  • During riding, the use of cameras, mobile phones and similar equipment is the sole responsibility of the rider. In case of loss of personal belongings, the organizer is not responsible.
  • You can cancel the appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. For all changes, please contact us if you have confirmed your reservation!
  • Our horses are suitable for beginners and also for more experienced riders. We consider beginners those with little or no riding experience.
  • Beginners are only allowed to ride at a walk and are not allowed to trot and gallop.
  • In the tour, we adapt to those with the least riding experience! Riding will be at a walk or at a faster pace depending on the ability of the rider. If there is a beginner in the group, the experienced person does not have the opportunity to ride at a faster pace, but the whole group adapts to the person with the least experience.
  • Before riding, it is necessary to sign a declaration of responsibility. Riding is solely at your own risk.

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